Heart and Soil
This work is so GREAT! I have been struggling with sustainable ag. for years here in Springville CA. Thought I was so alone in my thinking. This film picked me up! I graduated from Cal Poly and hated the way sheep farming was taught.I had high hopes until I went to school. Thank You for giving me a lift!!

- Nancy S.

Hello Mara,
I am the garden teacher at Edge High School in Tucson.  I saw "Heart and Soil" on the Documentary channel with my husband over the holiday break while in Colorado.  I absolutely loved it.  Those people and places are my alter ego.  For many years, while my children were young, we lived out of town and almost entirely off our land.  We had a choice location at 3400 feet with rich soil and the perfect climate.  Those were happy days.  And though I've changed my lifestyle to be a bit more conformist these days, believe me, I'm still blazing my own path in whatever way I can.  Which is why I'm presenting the gardening class.  I'm very excited about giving my students, most of which are at risk in one way or another, the chance to feel warm soil between their fingers and eat a salad that is entirely fruit of their labor.
Thanks for your work.  It was a pleasure to watch, and it will be a pleasure to share.
- Amy Bright

Dear Mara,
We've really taken "Heart and Soil" to heart.  (No pun intended.)  We try to eat local and organic as much as possible.  We joined Los Poblanos, a local CSA, and we pick up our box of produce every week.  Plus we started a garden in our side yard -- tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, and carrots -- all organic.  We really loved that little movie.  Hope it does well at Moondance (and wherever). - Scott & Paula Merrow Filmmakers & Writers, ABQ, NM

I saw your film "Heart & Soil" at the Santa Fe Film Festival and was completely charmed by it..All of us have a renewed sense of gratitude for the demanding labor of those small farmers' who provide us with real food, in contrast with corporate farming products.

Your film portrayed this in such a joyful style. I told various friends and my son that I had never seen such beautiful and healthy children as those farmers' children. Several of us in our group are interested in the whole idea of CSAs and bio-dynamic farms. I still feel that no matter our circumstance, we can each make informed food choices.

My intention is to keep one DVD to lend to friends and to share with my women's group and to give the other to my son who tries to buy local, organic food. - Freda Elliott

Thanks you for sharing your absolutely lovely and beguiling film with me which I had the pleasure to watch late last night. It was so sweet, shot in such a loving manner, background music hitting just the right tone and mood, not pedantic and not too long! It's one of the most "honest" films I've seen in years..in other words, I really liked it alot! -Kim Larson, NYC

What a fabulous, down to earth film - and now all the publicity!!! I am so happy for you, and the statement you are making! I couldn't believe all the "stars" from Durango in the film. Margi was quite a hit - with Arleen and Bill right up there! Thank goodness there are people out there like you who give a damn! - Jayne Chromy, Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Thank you for your vision and hard work in producing your new film "Heart and Soil". I had no idea how many people in the Four Corners area were passionately pursuing ecologically sensitive and self-sustaining food production alternatives. While watching the documentary, I realized that I currently own an ideal site (including a wildlife protection fence) for an organic garden. I plan to investigate the possibilities this winter and hopefully plant this spring. Thanks again for the inspiration. Respectfully, Sam Hoffmann "

"Hi Mara I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your film. I found it to be very moving and poetic. You featured some great characters and I loved the way you got them to be open with you. The turkey woman sticks in my mind. The film made me realize that it is very worthwhile to pay more money to the little guys to show support for what they are doing. Also of course you get so much more. From watching their hard work and love I can taste the difference better now. I think you did a great job with the flow of the film and I am glad the we had a chance to talk too.
Peter Goodman, Film Maker, NYC - "Seeing Sally, a Psychic's Tale"

"Rather than just being bombarded with the negative,it was a breath of fresh air to be presented with optomistic solutions to one of the most important issues facing us today, the protection and sustainability of our local food sources. The filmaker's love of community and of the people she was filming shines through in every frame and infuses this film with life. Kudos to Ms. Legrand for being able to educate us in a kind and gentle way butwithout turning away from the harsher realities of how some of our food gets to our tables. After viewing "Heart and Soil", I have made a greater commitment to my family and to my community to buy locallyand to perhaps even start a little garden of my own." Juli King Royea local shopper & Restaurant Manager: LaCasa Sena, Santa Fe New Mexico

“The way you figured out how to put the film together was genius. I was so drawn into the music and the film it was hard to decide what to let take me away. Each time I watch it I discover new parts I love about it. “ – Joni MacCateer, Pagosa Springs, Colorado

“It’s like a love song to farmers.” Karla Sleus, Durango Herald

After watching your film with my married children, I bought everything for our next meal at the farmer’s market. Everyone commented on how fresh and delicious the food was and discussion and debate around issues presented in “Heart & Soil” dominated the evening. Sharon Walker, artist/energy healing Durango, Colorado

“I liked your film, it was very political, which is a good thing.” Danielle Freeman, Taos, New Mexico

“I loved your film, it was so well done and made our family feel proud.” Arlene Swentzel, Santa Clara Pueblo

“I loved “Heart & Soil” and have watched it 6 times. Every time my friends come over we watch it again.” -- un-identified adolescent at the Farmer’s Market

“I really liked it. I like that the farmers telling the story are the real thing, and I could trust them.
I think that hearing the stories and facts from the real farmers adds a lot of validity to the point of the movie.” Max Norman, Age 12, Novato, Ca

“It’s a good story with good characters about an important cause.” Ray Parker, author. Santa Monica, Ca.

"You have achieved an amazing amount of success with your very first film and should pat yourself on the back (preferably when no one is looking). You tapped into a hot topic, and more importantly, one that matters. But it is more than that - you have obviously engaged audiences with the authenticity of the folks you filmed, and whose stories you fashioned into what, just as obviously
, turned out to be a wonderful film. And you did this on a steep learning curve full of roadblocks that you had the perseverance, determination and energy (despite some very dark & discouraging moments) to successfully navigate." Larry Sarezky, Writer/Producer/Director "Ed Meets His Maker"

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