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Durango Farmer's Market ( Tom Buscaglia) ( Kelle Carter, Seeds of Change, Research Farm) ( Krista Garand) to school.html
Joanie McCateer - "The Turkey Lady"
Suzi Maynard "Clear Water Farms" , organic vegies, herbs, flowers, soaps and seeds.
Dan Warren - Dove Creek Bean/wheat farmer
Linnea Farms - goat cheese, flowers
Swentzel family
Arlene and Bill Simon

Music in the Film
Justyn Baker:
Director Music License & Content, Naxos, Rumblefish
Sylvia Zurko

A letter to Mara from Katrina Blair - Founder of Turtle Lake Refuge

Dear Mara,
I am writing to let you know that I have held two private showings of the movie, "Heart and Soil". The first one, on February 11th, was to my San Juan College Students in Aztec New Mexico. They are taking a Sustainable Development Class with me for the 2008 Spring Semester. These are non traditional students ranging in ages from 20-60 years. They are all students in the Renewable Energy Program out of Farmington, New Mexico at San Juan College. Their response to the movie was all praise and inspiration!

The second showing of a clip of the movie was on Febrary 19th to a group of 60 middle school students at Escalante Middle School. The movie featured some of these students planting cold frame garden beds at Turtle Lake Refuge. The students ages 11-14, were very excited to be famous and starred in the movie. They also made comments about how cool it is to grow your own foods and were excited to do some more planting.

Thank you for your great perservering creativity and for making this film available to our community!
Many blessings,
Katrina Blair
Founder of Turtle Lake Refuge


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